About us

Hi. Let me introduce myself. I am Olga and I have been making polymer clay flowers since 2015.

It started as a hobby but I enjoy making polymer flowers so much, I have now started my own business, OkFlowers, and want to share my beautiful flowers with you.

I love making flowers and meeting people, and some of my favourite flowers are Peonies, Roses, Carnations, Dahlias, Dandelions, Lilies and Succulents, and I can make whatever your heart desires, in whatever colour and style Portfolio

I can supply beautiful flower arrangements in an array of sizes, colour and design for your home, corporate office, hotels, retail stores, restaurant, waiting rooms, or anywhere needing a beautiful touch with flowers. To get more information please visit How to order.

A wedding bouquet made from polymer flowers will last for years and will keep those special memories close to you. Bridal wreaths, table name place settings, the list is endless.

Realistic polymer flowers will look gorgeous in any interior for a long period of time.

You can buy any of my works from my Portfolio  or order any flower arrangement you want created for your individual requirements. 

I also run weekly beginner workshops for polymer clay creations, and can help you to create some beautiful keepsakes of your own.
Find out more about my Art classes in Auckland.

+64 221948840
Olga Kovaleva